SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With all the snow on the ground we haven’t been able to warm up like normal. In Sioux Falls, the warmest high temperature we’ve had so far this year has been 44 degrees.

Now this may seem warm, but by January 31st, we typically can have a high of 45. On the other hand, the latest Sioux Falls has seen a high 45 came March 27th, 1960.
On average, the day after Valentine’s can bring the high of 50. The latest a high of 50 showed up for the first time in a year was on April 6th of 1969.
February 27th brings the average first time we see a high of 55 degrees. The latest first day Sioux Falls has seen a high of 55 was April 14th of 1897.

We do have a couple weeks where temperatures typically don’t increase as quickly.

Sioux Falls has a first day of 60 by March 14th. The latest the high temperature has hit 60 came nearly a month after the usual time, April 17th, of 1962.
March 22nd brings in the 65 degree days. But some years we have to wait a little longer, like in 1944, when the first 65 degree day came April 29th.
And by April Fools Day, we can see the first day of 70. In 1944, the high hit 70 for the first time on May 1st.

While it’s nice to think about the warmer temperatures, next week we are watching cold air return to the area.