SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Skywatchers take note. Northern lights are possible once again across the northern part of the country as the sun cycle continues to stay active.

Several geomagnetic storms have erupted on the sun in recent days. Some have impacted the earth and more are coming.

Our neighbors to the north in Canada will have the best viewing if the forecast pans out, but even KELOLAND should have a chance as well. The best viewing times are usually a few hours either side of midnight for you night owls.

Predicting these storms is still an inexact science to say the least. The science of these space weather storms is still evolving over time, but many of you find these forecasts helpful when the chances of Northern Lights enter the picture.

Even if this event doesn’t pan out, there will likely be more of these events in the coming weeks as the solar cycle is forecast to remain active at times the rest of the year.