SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’re not quite done with frosty nights across KELOLAND.

Just because we’re in the month of May doesn’t mean that we’re completely in the clear when it comes to chilly weather.

May is typically a month where we begin to get into the summer state of mind, with average high and low temperatures gaining a degree about every two to three days.

Of course, this is South Dakota that we’re talking about…and warmer temperatures never come along easy. This weekend will be no exception.

Frosty conditions are at least possible even into the middle part of May in several areas. Sioux Falls, for example, sees its average last day with a low of 36 degrees around May 17th. In Huron, it’s May 19th. To the northeast, it’s mid to late May for their average dates. West River, the date goes even later. Rapid City, on average, can see 36 for a low as late as June 12th…while Custer’s average is June 29th.

With that potential in place, you’ll want to make sure you take all necessary steps to protect any temperature-sensitive plants that may already be in the ground. It’s another example of just how wily the weather in KELOLAND can be.

While this weekend is certainly going to be rather chilly at times, we do get some improvement in the long term.

After a chilly start to the week, we’ll try to get warmer weather in place just in time for Memorial Day weekend…the unofficial start to summer.