SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Much cooler weather is arriving in KELOLAND.  Here’s a look at the ingredient list for the potentially frosty conditions for parts of KELOLAND.

The coolest air of the fall season is moving into KELOLAND, chilly weather you might say.  But there are several factors at play when it comes to predicting frost and freeze weather this time of year.

As Canadian air rushes into KELOLAND, we’ll be watching the mercury closely as 30s for lows will be common in KELOLAND.  How cold it actually gets depends on a number of factors.

First on the list, the wind forecast.  Strong winds keep temperatures from dropping to their potential.  Light winds help to maximize cooling by allowing the coldest air to settle lower to the ground and into low lying spots.  

Second, clouds are very good at insulating the atmosphere, so when they stay overhead during the overnight hours, temperature also stays higher compared to a clear night.

Finally, the dew point temperature regulates the theoretical “lowest” temperature.  As you can see on Futurecast, dew points will likely drop into the teens and 20s across parts of KELOLAND. That factor could be the key to seeing cooler temperatures as we watch the forecast.  

Saturday 5 am dew points graphic

The combination of all of these factors will ultimately determine how cold it gets.