The last weekend of April has been rather windy at times, and while some have been a bit on the soggy side at times…others have seen sunshine and seasonable temperatures.

Windy weather sticks around as we head into the night as we slowly clear out as well. We could see a few isolated early showers, but the rest of the night remains dry.

Red flag warnings remain in place along and just west of the Missouri River through the first part of the night. Please continue to be mindful of outdoor heat sources.

Lows, for what it’s worth, fall into the 30s across the region.

While we may have some cloud cover at times on Sunday to the east, it’ll be a better day overall compared to Sunday. While temperatures do dip into the 50s on both sides of the river for highs with windy conditions, it’s at least dry.

In fact, dry is the key word for the upcoming work and school week. Temperatures don’t spike too much at first, with highs in the 50s to the east and low 60s out west. Warmer temperatures, however, aren’t too far away.

With high pressure firmly in control, we’ll have ample amounts of sunshine to enjoy and progressively milder temperatures as well. We’ll peak by Wednesday and Thursday, where highs may reach the 70s in many areas.

Temperatures may take a small step backward on Friday with the passage of a backdoor front, but it won’t be too far of a drop.

We’ll also introduce a chance for rain by the end of the week and into the first half of the weekend.

Beyond the 7 day forecast, odds for above average temperatures are favored.