Once gain, we’ve had mainly quiet and unseasonably warm conditions across KELOLAND as we quickly approach the official end of summer.

As of 2 pm CDT Tuesday

We’ll stay quiet and winds calm down to the west going into the overnight time frame. Overnight lows fall as far down as the upper 40s to the northwest, with lows near 60 to the southeast. We’ll split the difference in-between.

Clouds begin to increase a bit as we go into the day on Wednesday, but that’ll mainly be seen West River. To the east and southeast, we’ll have more sunshine and another round of unseasonably warm weather.

Highs hold in the mid to upper 80s south and east. We’ll see some 70s out west.

Showers and thunderstorms begin to develop as we go into the day on Thursday with the development of our next system out of Colorado. Southeastern KELOLAND should squeeze out one more dry and warm day, while other regions see those rain chances begin to increase.

Temperatures also take a small step backward. It isn’t like what we’ll see later, but low 80s for the east and mid 70s out west and as far east as areas like Mobridge and Winner.

Friday and Saturday hold the best chance to see rain and thunderstorms. In fact, there is an elevated risk for severe weather in southeastern KELOLAND for Friday afternoon into the night. Keep an eye out for updates on this.

We’ll also watch for the potential to see a good amount of rain during this time, so excessive rain headlines may also be needed in portions of the region.

All the while, temperatures fall into the 70s and even the 60s at times for Friday and Saturday. Even Sunday may end up being a dreary and cool day depending on the speed of this system’s departure.

We’ll kick off the first full work and school week of fall on a pleasant and seasonable note with high pressure taking over once again. Dry weather looks to take hold once again by the end of the outlook and not let go for a while.

Beyond the 7 day forecast, odds for above average temperatures are favored. Keep in mind that average during this time is in the low to mid 70s.