We won’t escape from our cool days quickly; only slow, gradual improvement over the next few days. In fact, after today’s below normal temperatures, we’re expecting a cold night tonight, with lows in the low to mid 20s as the clouds break up and the NW winds subside.

Sunday will be partly sunny, due to thin clouds that will allow some sunshine through. But it won’t warm up a whole lot. Afternoon highs will only hit the mid to upper 40s East River, with temps near in central and western South Dakota. At least the NW breeze will be lighter than today.

Slight warming will occur early next week as temperatures start to climb.

Monday and Tuesday will be partly to mostly sunny East River. Highs will reach the mid 50s in the East, and the mid to upper 50s in the west. We should get back near normal by the end of the week. Thursday looks especially warm, even a few degrees above average for late April.

But with the increasing temperatures, we’ll also bring in chances for end of week rainfall. Right now we’re looking at shower activity rather than heavy rain.

Unfortunately, cooler air will follow the rain, and we have the potential for another cooler than normal weekend for the final weekend of April.