We’ve been on a bit of a weather winning streak as of late, and that looks to continue as we go through the short-term outlook.

The one thing that we’ve had to deal with is a good amount of wind at times. A wind advisory will remain in place through the night tonight for portions of south-central and southwestern KELOLAND between Winner and Pine Ridge. Gusts may reach and exceed 50 mph at times.

Windy weather will stick around for a little while longer, with some days being gustier than others. Tuesday and Thursday are examples of this, with Thursday holding the better chance for gusty weather with the passage of a cold front.

Speaking of that cold front, we won’t have much in the way of moisture to work with as it passes through KELOLAND. It does, however, begin to usher in some change into KELOLAND. The 60s are ushered out, with 50s coming in by the end of the week. Cooler, yes…but still above average for this time of year.

The weekend starts with quiet enough weather, but Sunday night into Monday holds our first good chance for moisture since the end of October. An upper-level trough will dig down and allow low pressure to develop and attempt to send rain our way. There are still a few moving parts to this, including where the low tracks and if we get some influence from a second low to the northwest.

Keep an eye out for updates on the outlook leading into the first half of next week, as the movement and behavior of these lows will dictate who sees what.

Here’s a look at your extended forecast: