Another day, another round of above average temperatures and windy conditions across a majority of the region. This time, we do have a culprit. It’s a dry cold front that is pushing through KELOLAND.

As of 3 pm CST Tuesday

As the front pushes eastward, winds will calm down as we head into the night with high pressure not too far behind. That sets us up for a rather nice day on Wednesday with a more tolerable light breeze and more above average warmth. If you have any outdoor projects, Wednesday would be the day to get them done.

Especially considering the wind on the way for Thursday. Another mainly dry cold front will make its move through KELOLAND by this time, sending little to no moisture but a lot of wind. Wind headlines are possible if not likely for the day, so keep this in mind if you have any outdoor plans.

The passage of this front will also help usher in some “cooler” weather. Granted, we’ll still be above average with temperatures in the 50s…but it’s at least closer to our average. If you’re keeping score at home, average highs for the end of the week and the weekend are in the mid 40s.

We do get back to the 40s by the start of next week, but it comes with some rain. This will be the first good chance for moisture in many parts of KELOLAND since the end of last October. Chances vary depending on where you are, but it’s still something to watch all the same.

In the wake of this system, temperatures will continue to slide down toward and below average as we head into Thanksgiving. In fact, odds for below average temperatures are favored as we head toward the end of the month…with 30s likely for highs by this time. Consider this as your heads up if you’ve been a fan of these warmer days…they won’t be around for much longer.

Here’s a look at your extended forecast: