It’s a chilly start across much of KELOLAND, but the blue skies are sure nice to see and most areas will be warmer today. The wind, however, will limit how “nice” it feels for many East River.

The snow cover map will govern many of the changes coming up the next few days. The snow restricts the temperature potential.

Windy conditions today will lead to blowing snow issues again, especially north and east of Sioux Falls.

Futurecast picks up on the spread on temperatures today across the region. Sioux Falls will be several degrees warmer as the winds increase. We expect a warmer day tomorrow for most areas of KELOLAND. 70 is not out of the question for part of southcentral SD and Sioux Falls may get close to 50. That brief warm-up will not last as a cold front swing through the region on Thursday. Areas of rain will change to snow as winds increase over 40mph during the afternoon in the east. We expect this will all impact travel, but the snow forecast still remains uncertain.

You can see the current track of the storm on the map below. That track is still subject to some change. We also think the rain and snow may travel through the region at a faster pace, limiting the window of accumulation. Continue to watch the forecast for updates.

As of this morning, the threat of widespread heavy snow remains low. We will continue to watch that trend.

The bigger story will continue to be the wind forecast. Strong south winds are shown today, followed by strong northwest winds by Thursday into Friday.

Temperatures will be significantly below normal into the weekend behind this storm system.

Here are the details of the forecast. Expect milder temperatures across the board later today.

Temperatures will not be as cold tonight.

Enjoy the spring-like numbers tomorrow. Parts of south-central SD may be warmer than currently forecast.