Another major winter storm is moving into the plains today. Much of this storm will be moving into Nebraska and Iowa, but we’ll be watching the northern edge carefully the next 24 hours.

Here are the latest winter weather headlines. Most of the winter storm warning areas are south of I-90 on this storm.

Futurecast is slow to bring the snow into Sioux Falls. We expect much of the accumulation to happen after sunset. Northeast winds on the onset of this storm will aid in sharpening the north to south gradient of snow totals. The air behind the storm does not look much colder than what we are seeing today. We also expect the winds to stay below 30mph during this storm, so while some blowing and drifting may occur while the snow is falling, we don’t expect any long-lived problems into Thursday afternoon.

The chances of 3+” of snow in Sioux Falls are around 40-50%. Notice the bigger numbers toward Yankton.

We feel very confident about the higher numbers near the Nebraska border. Sioux Falls will be in the 2-5″ range based on the newest data. The numbers will drop off quickly to the north.

Here are the details of the forecast.