Saturday was a pretty nice day across KELOLAND, and while much of the region picks up where yesterday left off…there will be a few changes on the way.

In general, another nice day is on the way for Sunday as we warm up a bit thanks to southerly flow. Just like Saturday, we’ll be treated to mostly sunny skies thanks to high pressure holding serve for just a little while longer. Unfortunately, smoky skies will be a concern once more…so remember this as you head out.

There’s also a low-end chance for an isolated shower or two along the way as a weak disturbance pivots through the area, but much of the day for much of the region should be dry.

Highs reach the 80s in a few areas, with some upper 70s filling the gaps elsewhere.

Mostly clear skies stay with us as we head into the night. The wind does pick up a little bit, but it won’t be anything too far out of the ordinary. Lows fall into the low to mid 50s.

The new work week gets off to a pretty benign start under partly to mostly sunny skies. Beyond an isolated shower or two yet again, we’ll get off to a dry start across the region with above average temperatures in place.

Highs hold in the low to mid 80s.

By Tuesday, we start to introduce a daily chance for some pop-up showers and a thunderstorm or two…mainly West River at first. Chances for an isolated shower or two begin to pop up a bit to the east by the end of the week, but chances are still better out west through Friday.

By the end of the week and into the first half of the weekend, we’ll have better chances for rain on both sides of the river.

Odds for above average temperatures are favored as we head toward the end of May and into the start of June.