We’re in the first full weekend of the spring season, but the weather to go with it has been inconsistent at best in coverage.

Under a mix of sun and clouds, we’ll remain quiet across KELOLAND with a calm breeze in place as well. Lows fall into the teens and 20s with a few single-digit lows in a few places to the northeast.

Beyond a chance for a few snow showers to the west, the second half of the weekend is shaping up to be a largely quiet and chilly one…the latter being especially valid to the northeast.

Under a healthy mix of sun and clouds to the east, we’ll see highs in the 20s and low/mid 30s. Out west, we’re firmly in the 30s.

The new work and school week kicks off on a nice note to the east with partly to mostly sunny skies. To the west, we’ll have a little more cloud cover in place with some flurries and snow showers with a bit more moisture lingering around the region.

Highs peak in the 20s to the northeast yet again, with 30s elsewhere.

The midweek outlook starts off well enough with partly to mostly sunny skies in place at first…though cloud cover does begin to creep into the picture. Temperatures, however, continue to under-achieve with below average highs remaining in place.

By Wednesday, we do introduce a chance for some rain and snow showers in a couple of areas, but coverage isn’t widespread and moisture amounts aren’t all that impressive at first.

Still, with warmer temperatures attempting to FINALLY come along, it’s a glimmer of hope that spring may be trying to make a move. With those milder temperatures, we’ll also have a chance to see some rain and snow showers as we go into the end of the week and the start of the weekend.

While it may not be as chilly as this week, odds for near to below average temperatures are still favored as we go into the first full calendar week of April.