In a similar manner to Monday, Tuesday is shaping up to be a rather nice day with just a few small differences.

Winds will pick up just a little bit, and temperatures climb a bit higher than Monday…but the day as a whole is still shaping up to be a rather nice one. Enjoy it if you can, but keep the UV index in mind if you head out for a while.

Highs climb into the mid 80s up north, with low 90s possible the further south you go.

It won’t be too cool tonight, but it’ll remain calm all the same for a little while longer. Overnight lows fall into the 60s across much of the region with a few upper 50s in the northeastern and southwestern corners of KELOLAND.

Heat comes back in a big way on Wednesday, with highs rising toward and over the century mark. Heat advisory headlines are possible during this time, so please exercise caution if you must be outside. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks.

Expected wind gusts by Wednesday afternoon

Along the way, we’ll watch for a chance to see some scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day. A few of these storms may be strong to severe, with a “Marginal Risk” in green across a good portion of the region. Wind and hail are the main concerns.

Temperatures back off following that spike thanks to the passage of a cold front. In the wake of this boundary, we’ll include the chance for some pop-up showers and thunderstorms through the end of the week.

The upcoming 4th of July weekend will also feature the chance for a few scattered thunderstorms, though there aren’t any wash-outs in the forecast. Overall, I think we stay more dry than wet…but you’ll want to keep an eye out for updates all the same as we get for the highly anticipated holiday weekend.