While there is certainly weather to talk about, it won’t be here in KELOLAND. An extended spell of pretty quiet weather is on our hands.

That’s not to say we’ll have nothing to talk about. We just have to find other angles. In today’s case, we’ll have some breezy weather to deal with today under mostly sunny skies. So if you have any outdoor plans, you’ll want to keep the wind in mind before you head out.

Though we get a small break from the wind tonight, we’ll get breezy again on Monday with temperatures holding steady from what we have in place today. The exception may be out west, where we toe the line of 70.

An upper-level ridge of high pressure will continue to keep KELOLAND and much of the surrounding region pretty quiet and dry through the middle of the week and into the end of the work and school week as well. A few days may have a little more cloud cover than others, and a few days may be a bit breezy at times…but active weather simply is not in the cards for us.

Even as we head into the weekend, moisture is going to be rather tough to come by. We’ll try to get something going by the first half of next week, but there’s still a lot of time between now and then to have things change.

In terms of temperatures, we’ll remain a good bit above average through Thursday before we try to cool off a bit headed into next weekend. Odds for above average temperatures are favored as we head into Thanksgiving week, but we may try to flip the script as we head toward the end of the month.

Here’s a look at your extended forecast: