We have a long list of severe weather reports from last night. Here are some of the top wind speeds recorded yesterday in KELOLAND.

Yesterday’s storm met the criteria for a derecho. You can see all the yellow boxes representing the severe t-storm warnings from Montana to Iowa.

Big rain fell along the most intense portion of the storm path. Worthington picked up over 3″.

You can see areas just north of I-90 had very heavy rain, with local totals over 5 inches.

Radar trends this morning have been much quieter. Some rain is falling in the far northwest this morning.

The risk of severe weather today is much lower, but has not disappeared. The best chance for severe weather is in the far west.

Futurecast picks up on some of those storms in the west this afternoon. We also will be watching storms in Nebraska that may trend farther north tonight. We may be able to generate some nice rain toward Yankton tonight.

We already have another severe weather risk for Sunday across much of eastern KELOLAND. We’ll need to watch that day in particular for more organized damaging wind and hail.