Even with some cloud cover at times, today as been a pretty nice day to get outside across much of the region. Thanks to high pressure, this will last for a little while longer.

Mostly clear skies carry us into the night with winds remaining calm once again. In a similar manner to last night, we’ll see temperatures fall off to a decent extent. Overnight lows will fall well into the 20s.

This may also set us up for some ideal weather for viewing the Aurora Borealis tonight! Be sure to get away from as much light pollution as possible if you want to try and see it.

A little bit of cloud cover takes over on occasion to the southeast and west, but the start of the work week is still a pleasant one thanks to high pressure holding steady. Highs do take a step up the ladder…with temperatures mainly in the 50s. Some exceptions on the cooler and milder side are possible to the northeast and southwest respectively.

Some overnight and early AM showers are possible in SE KELOLAND, but much of Tuesday should remain mainly quiet in central and eastern KELOLAND. Some showers are possible out west during this time as well.

Highs hold in the 50s in many locations with a few 40s in a few areas.

The second half of the week is a little more active, with a daily chance for some scattered showers along the way. The best chance to see rain appears to come along on Thursday and into Friday, though Saturday may also feature a few showers at times.

On the thermometer, milder temperatures try to take over as we head into Thursday, but cooler temperatures come back and stick around as we head into the end of the week and the end of the month.