Another very warm day is ahead for much of KELOLAND. Aberdeen hit 98 yesterday. The morning sky sure suggests another hot day is on the way.

You can see the 90s up and down the James Valley yesterday.

The 30 precipitation trends are not good for much of eastern KELOLAND.

Here’s a look at the radar review from the past 24 hours. This animation sure tells the story of how spotty the rains continue to be.

Take a look at the series of the maps below showing the variety of rainfall ranges across KELOLAND the past 24 hours.

Futurecast shows a similar pattern today. We do expect better chances of rain tomorrow and tomorrow night in the south and west.

You can see that rain chance for Friday and Saturday on the animation below. If you live in the western and far southern areas of KELOLAND, your rain chances will be best during this time frame.

Most of the rain on painted below on the 10 day forecast will fall prior to Sunday. Next week will start dry again across much of the corn belt.

Here are the details of the forecast.