After a rather murky start to the day, we were able to get in on some sunshine through the afternoon in eastern and northeastern KELOLAND.

Unfortunately, those same foggy conditions will likely come back as we go into the night in areas that have already seen more than enough of it.

A dense fog advisory is in effect for our NW Iowa communities until 9 am CST Monday. Be aware of poor visibility as we go into the morning commute on Monday. This advisory will likely spread north and west into SD and MN as we go into the night.

Overnight lows fall into the single digits and teens to the east with another round of fog in the cards. Out west, we’ll be a bit breezy…but we won’t have to worry about fog out to the west with lows also in the teens and 20s.

After some morning fog on Monday, we’ll see more cloud cover with milder temperatures to the east. Most of KELOLAND climbs into the 30s.

Chillier temperatures come back into the picture on Tuesday. Though it won’t be as cold as what we’ve seen so far this season, it’ll still be a step backward all the same…especially to the east. Highs climb into the 20s East River and 30s with a few low 40s out west once more.

A late-week system will try to kick temperatures up a bit on Friday with a rain/snow chance in place across several parts of the region. While it won’t be too warm, it’ll still at least be in the 30s in many areas.

Don’t get used to that warm-up, though…it’ll be fleeting at best. A rush of Arctic air comes in as we go toward the weekend and into the end of January.

Odds for near to below average temperatures are expected to win out as we go beyond the 7 day forecast.