Smoke is in the air across parts of northern KELOLAND. You can see the haze in the air on our camera in Aberdeen. We’ll continue to watch that story the next couple of days.

Our newest LIVE Cam in Huron looks very nice this morning. We expect highs there around 80 later today.

Back to the smoke story, you can see the plume from those fires in Alberta moving into parts of the northern plains. We expect more issues in Minnesota today due to the wind forecast.

Dry weather is expected for most areas of KELOLAND today. The latest 30 day rainfall map now fully includes all the moisture from the weekend. We are still running some short-term deficits around the Chamberlain area.

Futurecast will stay mainly dry today, although a few showers have tried to develop around Hot Springs this morning. We expect additional widely scattered showers and t-storms to develop tonight in the Black Hills region, with better chances of scattered rain tomorrow West River. We expect those rain chances to shift into eastern KELOLAND by Thursday.

You can see the progression of that front on the animation below. Once this front leaves, it will take the rain chances with in and allow cooler Canadian air to move into KELOLAND.

Temperatures on Friday will stay in the 50s and 60s with that cooler northwest wind. We wouldn’t be surprise to see a few upper 30s around by Saturday morning.

Here are the details of the forecast.