Milder weather is on the way today across much of KELOLAND. We had a wide range of temperatures yesterday, with 61 in Rapid City and just 5 in Ortonville.

A steady wind from the west-northwest will aid the warmer weather. Gusts should be 30-40mph by the afternoon in the areas shaded in orange and red.

There could be a few patches of blowing snow in the northeast, mainly in the areas shaded in orange on the map below.

Futurecast shows the widespread mild weather today. We also see a few passing snow flakes or sprinkles tonight, but moisture will be lacking. Temperatures will return to the 40s and 50s for many tomorrow. We expect another mild day on Thursday.

The chances of snow on Friday are looking better. We are still watching the trends, but the data continues to shift westward into KELOLAND. Areas shaded in dark blue favor a “plowable” snow.

The chances of at least 1″ of snow are already in the moderate category in the areas shaded in orange.

Highs today will stay in the upper 30s in the northeast, but everybody will be above average for high temperatures.

Thicker clouds will help keep temperatures in the 20s and 30s tonight.

More mild weather is likely tomorrow.

We have a 50% chance of snow on Friday and the better the snow chance, the better the chances of lowering temperatures on Saturday.