It has been a beautiful day across KELOLAND…complete with above average temperatures and plentiful amounts of sunshine.

As of 3:30 pm CDT Monday

We’ll keep with the largely calm trend as we go into the night, but winds do pick up a bit East River after the midnight hour. Still, it’s a quiet night all the same.

Overnight lows fall mainly into the 40s and low 50s, with some 30s to the northeast.

An early summer preview takes over for several portions of the region as we go into Tuesday. High pressure keeps us dry, but it also helps the temperature climb even higher than Monday.

Highs may climb into the upper 70s and low 80s at times, with some areas of south-central KELOLAND even approaching 90 degrees. Northeastern KELOLAND remains in the 50s and 60s.

It will also be rather windy on Tuesday. That, combined with a dry air mass and dry vegetation, will create enhanced fire weather concerns. Red flag warnings are in place across portions of southern and southeastern KELOLAND. Please be mindful with any outdoor heat sources.

Another unseasonably warm day is in the cards for us on Wednesday, with plentiful amounts of sunshine once more. Highs hold in the 80s in many areas to the east and southeast, while we see 70s and some 60s further west. Once again, northeastern KELOLAND is the cool outlier.

Cloud cover begins to increase to the east, but we’ll already be shrouded in it to the west. Rain also develops for a majority of the region outside of the southeast. This will be the beginning of a return to form in terms of more seasonable spring conditions coming back into the picture.

Rain and even a few thunderstorms are possible overnight into Friday morning to the southeast, while the rest of KELOLAND simply holds on to the chance for additional showers with cooler temperatures.

While it won’t be overly chilly, it’ll be a lot closer to average for this time of year through the weekend (With rain chances on both Saturday and Sunday) and into the start of next week…where drier weather attempts to come back into the picture.

Beyond the 7 day forecast, odds for near to below average temperatures are favored. Average for this time of year is on either side of 60 degrees.