SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Another round of winter weather will arrive in southeastern KELOLAND today. We have a Winter Weather Advisory in effect through 6pm for the areas shaded in blue below. This does include the Sioux Falls area.

You can see the rain and snow combo developing in Nebraska early this morning. This will continue to track to the northeast.

Here’s a closer look at our Hour-by-Hour forecast today. Notice the green shows rain showers expanding to the north, but switching to snow into the as we move into the afternoon. Most of the snow will diminish by early this evening.

Our snow forecast remains about the same as yesterday. Sioux Falls could get a 1 or 2 inch coating of snow by the end of the day.

After a quiet weekend forecast, our attention will turn to early next week and a storm system that will pull into the plains. As always, this far out the details are not good enough to get specific on rain and snow amounts. However, we can identify some key points on this storm, including the chances of significant moisture for this time of year.

The example, the European model is already highlighting a 60% chance of 6 inches or more of snow across swath of southern and eastern KELOLAND next week. The location of this swath will likely change again, especially when weighted with the Canadian model. However, those are big numbers 5 or 6 days out.

Notice the Canadian model also shows high numbers on it’s snow probability map. However, the data is much farther west. These 2 models will come to a compromise at some point in the coming days.

It’s not just snow. The total precipitation forecast is quite significant. We could end up with double or triple our average January precipitation from this storm next week across parts of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Rain and freezing rain will be topics that come up once again.

Here are the details of the forecast.