It is a busy morning across KELOLAND with significant amounts of rain, freezing rain, and snow across KELOLAND. The video below shows the ice in Lake Preston.

Blizzard conditions are developing in western SD with our view on the Rapid City LIVE CAM.

Here’s the radar coverage across KELOLAND. You can see several bands of mixed precipitation lifting north across the region.

A closer look at the trends starting last night shows the moderate to heavy bands of freezing rain and rain lifting north across eastern KELOLAND.

The icy roads and freezing rain problems have been more significant east and north of Sioux Falls.

Here are the latest headlines across KELOLAND.

***Blizzard warning remains in effect for much of western SD including Rapid City.

***Winter storm warning for heavy snow in central SD including Mobridge, Pierre, and Winner. This warning also includes Watertown and Aberdeen.

***Ice storm warning for Sioux Falls until noon. Ice storm warning for Watertown until 6pm.

***Winter weather advisories today for mixed precipitation in Mitchell and Huron. Additional headlines will be coming later in the week.

We are tracking a few power outages in the region. So far, they have been limited to just a handful of counties, but continue to watch these numbers as temperatures slowly rise through the day into the mid 30s.

We will continue to watch the wind this morning and early afternoon in southeastern KELOLAND, with gusts over 40mph likely. Also note the high winds in Rapid City, with gusts between 50 and 60mph the next 2 days.

Futurecast shows a moderating trend in southeastern KELOLAND. We remain hopeful for temperatures to climb into the mid 30s during the afternoon in Sioux Falls. Meanwhile, it will remain cold enough for heavy snow in central and western KELOLAND this afternoon and tonight. This storm will be slow to move the next 24 to 36 hours, so we expect a lull in the system in Sioux Falls tonight and tomorrow. That means a period of cloudy skies, lighter winds, and perhaps some light snow or drizzle in southeast KELOLAND. The wrap-around snow will expand on Thursday and Friday as the storm begins to pull away. This is when Sioux Falls could pick up some snow accumulations.

Here’s a large version of Futurecast the next few days. Notice the slow movement of the low pressure center to our south and east.

The chances of over 6″ snow with this storm are very high in many areas. Even Sioux Falls has jumped up over 40%.

The belt of 12 inch snow is also still on the table as we watch the snow add up the next couple of days. Pierre still has the highest chance of over 18″.

Here are the snow totals over the timeline the next couple of days. We still expect pockets over 18″ in central SD when this storm wraps on late Thursday into Friday AM.

Don’t forget about the severe cold coming next week. We’ll have more details on that in the days ahead.

Temperatures are clearly getting colder at the end of the forecast.