High pressure will hold steady as we head into the weekend, setting the stage for some rather nice weather across KELOLAND with just one small exception.

Today will start off with a good amount of sunshine, but cloud cover may build back into the area as we head later into the day. Even with a slight breeze in place, it’ll still be an ideal day to get some melting in place East River.

Speaking of East River locations, we’ll see highs mainly in the mid 30s. Out west, it’ll be warmer with no snow on the ground; 50s are likely once again.

Some fog is possible overnight to the east with low-level moisture in place from today’s melting, but that hinges on what kind of breeze we do or do not have in place. Beyond that, it’s a good night overall with lows in the teens to the east at 20s further west.

We’ll have another rather quiet day on Sunday thanks to high pressure holding firm for a little while longer. There will be a little more cloud cover in place, but it’ll still be a rather nice day overall. Highs range from the upper 20s/mid 30s East River to the low/mid 40s further west.

Monday will be our last quiet day for a little while, and even then we’ll see a little bit of moisture build into the region. Some flurries and snow showers are possible, especially West River, with highs in the 30s to the east and 40s out west once again.

Then we hit the middle of the week, where confidence is still rather good to see a rather impactful winter storm move into KELOLAND.

With an ideal set-up in place and plenty of moisture to work with, odds for a good amount of snow are still moderate to high.

We’ll also have to contend with a lot of wind, so blowing and drifting snow becoming a concern through the middle of the week as well.

Keep an eye out for updates on your forecast as we head through the weekend and into the start of next week.

Cold weather comes back by the end of the week, with well below average temperatures sticking around through the end of the month.