After dealing with a full work week of messy wintry weather that featured ice, wind, and a whole lot of snow…we finally get some form of a break as we head into the weekend from active wintry weather.

Low pressure will continue to push to the east as we go through the weekend, allowing some sunshine to make a welcomed appearance across KELOLAND. Temperatures, however, will vary depending on what side of the river you’re on.

Winds will continues to back off as we head through the day and into the night. With that said, sub-zero wind chills are likely across KELOLAND by day and by night.

Sunday will still feature some pleasant weather, but temperatures will continue to hold well below average. This time, it’ll be everyone that gets in on rather chilly weather.

We’ll start the new work week on a quiet note, but the snow and wind we’ve had to deal with will be replaced by a lot of cold weather as we head later into the work week.

Highs through much of next week will struggle to get out of the single digits above zero, and that’s without the wind chill.

Our next chance for snow comes along by the middle of the week, and this system will bring with it two other things along with the chance for accumulating snow: Wind and a lot of cold.

We’ve been talking about the intense cold that’s on the way next week since this past Monday, and that idea holds as we get closer to the mid and late-week time frame. Highs by Wednesday into the end of the week may not get above zero. This will be some dangerously cold weather, so please plan accordingly and keep an eye out for updates on this.

The frigid cold eases off as we head beyond the 7 day forecast, with temperatures attempting to get back into the double digits above zero headed toward and beyond Christmas Day. With that said, however, temperatures are still expected to remain near to below average as we head toward the end of the year…especially East River.