We’re off to a great start this morning, and we’ll keep the ball rolling as we head through not just the first half of the weekend, but also the second half.

Under partly to mostly sunny skies, we’ll watch as temperatures climb quite nicely…especially with a lack of snow on the ground to the west. Out there, we’ll see highs in the 40s and low 50s. Though snow will keep temperatures a little more in check to the east, it’ll still be a beautiful day with highs in the 30s and low 40s.

Some fog may develop overnight in portions of our East River viewing area. Be mindful of poor visibility at times as we head into the night. Overall, however, it’s largely quiet with partly cloudy skies in place. Overnight lows fall into the teens and low 20s to the east, with low to mid 20s out west.

Sunday, just like Saturday, is shaping up to be a very nice day across the region. A little more cloud cover may be in place at times, but that’s about it for anything “bad” about the day. Highs will have a similar split along the river as Saturday.

Monday is also looking good with high pressure holding steady for a little while longer. With that said, however, the midweek outlook is not shaping up to be as pleasant or calm.

Low pressure will make its move on Tuesday, starting as mainly rain for the region with temperatures still holding a decent bit above average. By Wednesday, this will switch to snow for a majority of the region. Toward the Sioux Falls area, however, we may start with a mix of rain and snow before transitioning to all snow later in the day.

Along the way, it’ll be rather windy through Wednesday and even into Thursday, as another area of low pressure clips the southeastern part of the region. We’ll watch the track of this second low, as it may introduce another snow chance to SE KELOLAND.

By the end of next week, we’re looking good, but it’ll be noticeably chillier than what we’ve enjoyed as of late. Odds for near to below average temperatures win out as we head further into the second half of the month.