Now that winter has had its false start, we’ll try to get back to our regularly scheduled fall weather. The key word there, initially at least, is “try”.

Saturday featured localized snow totals near and south of Highway 18 of 3-5″ of snow, while areas closer to I-90 saw lesser amounts of an inch or so…including a half-inch of snow at the airport in Sioux Falls.

Beyond a few snow showers here and there today of a light variety, we’ll remain mainly quiet but a bit on the breezy side at times today. A weak surface area of high pressure will do its best to keep us mainly quiet.

That quiet stretch will go into the night as temperatures are allowed to drop a bit more than what we had last night with a little less cloud cover in place.

Monday evening may see a few snow showers in northeastern KELOLAND as a weak cold front comes plunging down from the north. Though moisture amounts are not expected to be as robust as what we’ve seen, it’s what comes around in its wake that we’re watching.

If you have any trick or treat plans on Halloween, you’ll want to listen up. While we stay dry on Tuesday, it’ll be chilly…especially East River. You’ll want to make sure your kids are layered up under their costumes as temperatures struggle to get out of the low/mid 30s in many areas.

The first couple of days of November are looking pretty good with improving temperatures as we head into the first weekend of the month.

We do get a few chances for rain to the north on Friday as a system tries to clip the region, but much of the area is dry and quiet. We’ll continue with that quiet trend into the weekend beyond a few showers in southeastern KELOLAND that try to make their presence known.

Here’s a detailed look at your forecast: