It has been a very warm and sunny day across KELOLAND. It has even started to get a little humid, a trend that will continue for the next day and a half. Everybody has seen temperatures much above average for this part of July.

4 PM

Tonight we’ll have mostly clear skies, though there could be a little shower or thundershower in NE South Dakota – but even that is looking pretty iffy. It will be a warm night, with south winds drawing more humidity into KELOLAND.

Tomorrow will be hot and humid and breezy across the entire region. We’re expecting widespread 90s in central and eastern KELOLAND. Dew points will climb into the upper 60s to low 70s. With brisk south winds and a low pressure system coming in, it is a good setup for strong thunderstorms.

The Storm Prediction Center is already highlighting a significant chance of severe thunderstorms Sunday night through early Monday morning. Right now the bullseye is the north of I-90. That will be something to keep an eye on, though for most of us the threat will be well after dark. Areas of heavy rain will also be possible.

Next week looks warm, with abundant sunshine, and minimal expectation of rainfall. The forecast will be dry, with those near-normal temperatures in the 80s.

Temperatures should build even higher by the end of next week, when we expect most areas to heat into the 90s – 100 not out of the question in central and western South Dakota. It will remain hot through the following weekend (July 16-17).