It is another day of blaze sunshine across KELOLAND. With a light easterly breeze, temperatures have inched up a degree or two from yesterday’s values.

2 pm

We should have another very find evening, and tonight will be a couple degrees warmer than last night. We’ll bottom out in the mid to upper 60s with that light easterly breeze.

Tomorrow will bring a stronger surge of heat, with partly cloudy skies. Highs will reach the low to mid 90s East River, and the upper 90s in the west. There will be a southeast breeze ahead of an incoming cool front.

With the front, there is a marginal risk of severe storms Thursday night into Friday morning. We’ve been calling these moisture starved storms, because they won’t give us much in the way of beneficial rainfall. Just light rainfall amounts, unless you are directly under a small, potent cell. But for most of us, little rain. IF thunderstorms are able to form, and that might be a tall order in this atmosphere, they may produce strong winds and small hail. But again, not the meaningful rainfall we really need.

Any of the thunderstorms that do form Thursday night could linger into the early morning hours in eastern KELOLAND. After they pass, we expect mostly sunny skies across the region. Temperatures will drop a degree or two, with an easterly breeze. We expect humid air to come pouring into KELOLAND as well. There could be some scattered late day thunderstorms in Rapid City and the west.

We’ll keep a chance of moisture-poor showers or thundershowers on Saturday, as temperatures drop back to the low 90s. Sunday will be mostly sunny, with highs in the low to mid 90s.

There is the possibility of isolated thunderstorms on Monday of next week, but the trend is clear – hot and dry. Our heat wave should keep temperatures in the 90s – low to mid 90s in Sioux Falls, probably near 100 in central South Dakota – all of next week through the following weekend (July 23-24).