Windy and chilly temperatures have been the rule for the day across KELOLAND. Thankfully, there’s a chance to at least get a small break in the short-term.

Cloud cover, which has been pretty prevalent across several portions of the region, will slowly dissipate as high pressure tries to make a move. Winds also back off a bit, but the break will be short-lived.

Regardless, cold temperatures stick around by night as well, though the wind does at least gradually back off. Lows fall to either side of 10 degrees in many areas.

Monday picks up where the weekend leaves off in terms of chilly temperatures, but we’ll at least get in on a little more sunshine to kick off the new work and school week. Highs hold in the 20s to the north and east, while areas to the southwest climb into the 30s and 40s.

A little spring preview comes along the further south and west you go on Tuesday, with highs in the 50s out that way. Elsewhere, we’ll stay chilly in the 30s with windy conditions also coming back into the picture.

Milder temperatures are on the way through the middle of the week, especially in central and SW KELOLAKD, so a long-awaited spring preview may finally make an appearance for portions of the region. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

By the end of the week and headed into St. Patrick’s Day, below average temperatures return along with breezy weather.

We’ll also have to contend with a chance for some snow showers by Thursday…especially East River. This is subject to change, but it’s still an unwelcome sight in a winter that just doesn’t want to go away quietly.

Next weekend is shaping up to be a quiet one overall, but we don’t get much in the way of seasonable temperatures. Odds for below average temperatures are favored into the start of spring.