Cooler weather continues to filter into KELOLAND this morning. We have a pretty skyline in progress across the Huron area as temperatures cool once again across the region.

A freeze watch has been posted for Friday night into Saturday morning. Lows could dip below freeze across the region, so we’ll continue to watch that potential in upcoming forecasts.

Yesterday sure felt nice with highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s in most areas. We don’t expect numbers that warm for a few days…perhaps longer.

On the maps, a low pressure center near Winnipeg is moving south, bringing more cool weather with it across our region.

Stronger northwest winds will be a big story the next 24 to 36 hours. Gusts over 40mph are likely today in northern SD, with more wind and blustery weather tomorrow.

Along with the wind, hourly temperatures will be much cooler, with a couple snowflakes not out of the question in northeastern SD tomorrow morning. Sioux Falls will struggle to get above 50 much of the afternoon. If skies clear Friday night and the wind goes down, we could easily see areas of frost and freeze weather by Saturday morning.

Temperatures will try to moderate a bit by Sunday, but the extended forecast data is pulling back on warmer weather next week. This is interesting to watch as the seasons change and more fall-like weather becomes dominate.

Here are the details of the forecast.