The last day of April has been a rather good one across the region. While it has been rather windy at times, it has at least been comfortable and sunny for much of the day!

A wind advisory remains in effect until 8 pm CDT Sunday evening for locations near and east of the interstate, where gusts may reach and exceed 50 mph at times.

Winds don’t really back off all that much as we go into the night, so be ready for a blustery overnight period. Lows fall into the upper 20s to low/mid 30s under mostly clear skies.

Though it may be windy again to the east on Monday, dry is the key word for the upcoming start to the work and school week. Temperatures don’t spike too much at first, with highs in the 50s to the east and low 60s out west. Warmer temperatures, however, aren’t too far away.

In fact, we start to get in on that on Tuesday. With sunshine still very much in control, winds turn to the south and help bring in some milder temperatures. We’ll rise into the 60s for much of the region.

With high pressure firmly in control and a rather amplified ridge aloft, we’ll have ample amounts of sunshine to enjoy and progressively milder temperatures as well. 70s are likely on Thursday and to a lesser extent on Friday.

We’ll also introduce a chance for rain by the end of the week and into the weekend. A thunderstorm or two may also be possible.

Beyond the 7 day forecast, odds for above average temperatures are favored. Keep in mind that average highs in the middle of May are in the upper 60s to low 70s.