Today has been a day for the record books, with Sioux Falls setting multiple records regarding today’s rainfall.

Thankfully, we’ll get a break to catch our breath and give the ground some time to recover.

Beyond some evening showers and storms to the southeast early on, much of the night features a clearing and calming trend.

Lows fall into the low to mid 50s with a very light wind.

The new work week gets off to a seasonably warm start to the west, with cooler temperatures still hanging around further east.

We’ll see highs in the 70s and low 80s East River, with mid/upper 80s West River.

80s return across our East River locations on Tuesday with ample amounts of sunshine, while we creep into the 90s to the west. All the while, we remain dry.

In fact, much of the work week in general is dry with little in the way of chances for rainfall. We’ll try to get a chance for rain to come along by next weekend…but it won’t be for everyone. Chances are better West River at this point.

Though the week starts off cool, we’ll warm back into the 90s by the end of the week and into the weekend. Odds for near to above average temperatures win out as we head into the middle of the month.