The hot weather from yesterday was record-breaking in Sioux Falls. 105 was the hottest temperature since 1995.

The haze and smoke in the sky was an impact in Rapid City yesterday.

The rain last night was also a big story. You can see it leaving the region this morning.

A few of you were fortunate to pick up some nice rain. The maps below show a few of the rain estimates on VIPIR.

Strong winds accompanied a few of the storms.

Today will be much cooler, but still above average for many areas. The heat returns tomorrow West River and we expect that trend to expand to the east on Friday.

Keep watching the rain trends for Saturday. We have a nice cold front coming into the picture with a decent amount of moisture pooling ahead of it. While we have struggled to get widespread rain the past few weeks, this front is the best one we’ve seen for awhile. We’ll proceed with cautious optimism.

Here are the details of the forecast.