Compared to Saturday, today has been a much better day on multiple levels. From more sunshine to milder temperatures, it was a nice way to close the winter season. It’s a shame that we can’t keep this going.

That doesn’t mean that everything will be bad, though. We’ll cool down tonight, but it won’t be as cold as what we’ve seen in previous nights. Under partly cloudy skies, we’ll see lows bottom out in the teens to low 20s with a light breeze.

Cloud cover increases on Monday ahead of our next system, which comes along for the middle of next week. We’ll still see highs that are below average for this time of year, but at least the first day of spring is largely quiet.

Highs range from the 20s and 30s East River to the 40s further south and west. A step backward…yes…but it’s better than Saturday.

Rain and snow chances come into the picture on Tuesday, with the latter being more likely north of Highway 14. It’s more likely to be a rain/snow mix further south and east.

A few bits of freezing drizzle are possible in the morning before switching to all rain with temperatures climbing above freezing. Further north, we’ll have highs near and below freezing.

A little more moisture is possible through the latter part of the midweek outlook. Between Wednesday and Thursday, the latter day holds a better chance to see a little something extra in the form of snow showers.

With that said, though, you’ll want to keep an eye on this if you have any plans to go outside. After all, temperatures will remain below average for this time of year…so we can’t shake those snowflakes out of the forecast completely quite yet.

Odds for below average temperatures are favored as we head into the end of March.