Once again, we’ve been able to warm up nicely…especially in western KELOLAND. Even with cloud cover in place, it’s been a decent enough day across the region. Unfortunately, there’s something to watch tonight that has been a bit of a bother…

For at least the fourth or fifth night in a row, there will be the chance to see some fog develop in portions of eastern and southeastern KELOLAND. Thankfully, it’s not expected to be a widespread occurrence, but be mindful of poor visibility.

We may also see some moisture in eastern and northeastern KELOLAND as a brief disturbance pushes through the region. Some flurries and a bit of mixing are possible, so keep this in mind.

Overnight lows will fall into the teens East River and 20s to near 30 further west.

Though temperatures do take a small step backward on Wednesday, it’ll still be a decent day to be out and about with breezy conditions coming back and partly to mostly cloudy skies. Highs will range in the mid 20s to mid 30s.

Speaking of the breeze, we’ll have to watch for patchy areas of blowing snow through Thursday. While gusts won’t be too strong, it’ll still be enough to take some of that fine powdery snow and throw it back on the road. Be mindful of this if you are headed out.

Temperatures take another small step backward through the end of the week (Especially East River), though it won’t be nearly as cold as it has been this winter. Still, we’re talking about highs in the 20s and teens to the east with 30s out west on Thursday.

While we’re still on the cooler side of things on Friday to the east, we’ll warm up out west with 50s coming back.

On the moisture side of things, we’ll stay quiet through the weekend with no organized chance for anything coming around. KELOLAND will also be treated to a modest warm-up through the weekend as well.

A disturbance may try to make its presence known early next week, with a few details to work out…including the track, the temperature, and how much moisture we’ll have to work with.

Beyond the 7 day forecast, we’ll have to see if a more active pattern begins to make itself known. Keep an eye out for updates.