Though we got off to a cloudy start in some areas, we did break into ample amounts of sunshine to salvage the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately, this won’t last…as an active weather pattern begins to take shape over the next several days.

Cloud cover increases as we head into the night, and we may also see some snow showers out in western parts of KELOLAND. Winds will also begin to pick up a bit as low pressure to the west begins to make its move.

Overnight lows fall into the upper teens to the northeast, with low to mid 20s elsewhere.

Low pressure and an associated warm front will help usher in the chance for snow toward the SD/ND border especially.

A winter storm warning is in effect for Campbell, Corson, Edmunds, McPherson, and Walworth Counties until 12 pm CST Monday. A winter weather adv. is in effect for Harding & Perkins Counties until 5 am MST Monday. A winter storm watch remains for Brown, Day, Marshall & Roberts Counties.

Several inches of snow will be likely with blowing snow concerns as well due to rather windy conditions that will come along for the ride.

Further south and east, we’ll more likely see a rain/snow mix with temperatures climbing above freezing. Still, we could see around an inch of snow in the Sioux Falls area.

Highs range from the low 30s to the northeast to the upper 30s/low 40s in the southeast. Out west, we’ll see mid 30s to the northwest and 40s in the west and southwest.

Snow showers will likely linger to the north on Monday, while the rest of the region gets in on a breezy but mainly quiet day. Highs will be in the 20s to the low/mid 30s.

By the second half of the week, we’ll watch the potential for snow come back. This time, it’ll be for just about everyone. Keep an eye out for updates on the late-week outlook, as we’ll have below average temperatures and a good amount of moisture to potentially work with.

Right now, it looks like Thursday into Friday holds the best chance for snow across KELOLAND. Again, this is subject to change.

Odds for below average temperature are favored as we head into the middle of March.