I know I’m going to sound like a broken record at first, but I must say it anyway: It was another below average day across KELOLAND…even with some sunshine to the east.

It doesn’t get much better as we go into the night. We’ll remain mainly quiet, but it’ll be a cold night across the region…especially to the northeast.

Lows fall into the teens and low 20s across much of the area, but it’s a different story to the northeast. Overnight lows up that way may approach zero in some areas.

Another quiet day is on the way for Tuesday, though winds may pick up just a bit across central and northeastern KELOLAND. Regardless, it’s still a decent day with highs in the 40s and low 50s near/south of Highway 14. Further north, we’ll remain in the 30s and mid/upper 20s.

The midweek outlook starts off well enough with partly to mostly sunny skies in place at first…though cloud cover does begin to creep into the picture.

Temperatures, however, continue to under-achieve with below average highs remaining in place. We’ll see temperatures peak in the 20s and 30s yet again.

By Wednesday, we also introduce a chance for some rain and snow showers in a couple of areas near and south of I-90, but coverage isn’t widespread and moisture amounts aren’t all that impressive at first.

Thursday begins on a quiet note, but cloud cover will begin to increase as we head further into the day. While the day is mainly dry, we may see some overnight moisture to the southeast in the form of rain. This line does get close to Sioux Falls, so we’ll see where this sets up.

A better chance for something arrives on Friday, and this has a few moving parts to it. We’ll get a switch to mainly snow early to the west. While East River areas start with a mix of rain and snow thanks to marginally milder temperatures, colder temperatures come in and helps switch everything to snow. Keep an eye out for updates on the Friday outlook.

Much of the weekend is dry and quiet beyond an isolated Sunday morning rain shower. Temperatures also rebound nicely, setting us up for what may be the most spring-like day we’ve had yet on Sunday.

Our next system arrives by the beginning of our next work week.