SIOUX FALLS, S. D. (KELO) — It has been another warm and breezy day today. Highs reaching into the 70s and 80s are much above average this time of year. There has been a stronger south wind across eastern KELOLAND which has been keeping us warm.

4 PM

Tonight is going to remain on the mild side. Lows into the 50s. Scattered showers will linger into western South Dakota as well. A much lighter breeze will last into the overnight hours. Skies will remain partly cloudy into the night.

Sunday will be another above average day temperature wise. Highs will be into the 70s and 80s again. A chance of showers into western, central, and northeastern KELOLAND. A stronger south to southeast wind will be prevalent throughout the day tomorrow as well. Skies will remain partly cloudy.

Much of the same for Monday. Highs into the upper 70s for the day. A chance of showers or thunderstorms for the entire KELOLAND region on the day Monday. A south wind, not quite as strong, will be in the area as well into Monday evening.

The seven day forecast tries to cool down by Friday of next week with highs only into the 50s. Highs for the seven day start off warm into the 70s and slowly falling through the week. Lows could get as cold as the low 30s by Friday as well. A chance of showers across KELOLAND for Monday and Tuesday.