SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You really don’t expect to make up ground in a drought when the fall months roll along. But we have in KELOLAND and we could use a little more.

Aside from a couple of passing light showers here and there, the first week of November is looking very dry. You might even be able to say the first half of the month could end up that way.

This is a look at estimated rainfall over the past week. Many locations are around a quarter inch.
Over the past month, widespread 3 inch amounts show up in central and eastern KELOLAND. Northern KELOLAND shows much drier weather with amounts less than an inch.

Rain past 7 days

The past 45 days reflects what the drought monitor shows. Notice the 3 inches in and around Sioux Falls, otherwise it’s been heavier to the north and west.

Rain past 45 days

Notice how the severe drought covers areas in and around Sioux Falls. With the limited moisture available over the next week and beyond, we don’t expect this to change much.

Drought monitor Nov. 2, 2023
Drought monitor Nov. 2, 2023

But if the current weather pattern holds true, we might be making up for missed moisture next month.