SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When you cross over any stream or river in the Sioux Falls area these days, it’s very obvious the drought is impacting streamflow. And until this weather pattern breaks, the water levels won’t be improving in the short-term forecast.

The Big Sioux River at North Cliff is running about 30% of its normal level for June 8th. While that number grabs our attention, the trend is also something to watch.

When this heatwave started just after Memorial Day, the river gauge at this location was running at just over 400 cubic feet per second, or about half the normal value for early June. In just 8 days, the volume of water has dropped 40% and will keep dropping until further notice.

This maps show other rivers in KELOLAND are also running below normal.

The James River in Huron is running at the 14th percentile. That’s significant because that location has 75 years of records.

The Vermillion River Basin is running very low too, with the stream flow in Vermillion at the 9th percentile with 36 years of data to compare.

Keep in mind rivers won’t be responding to much if any of these rain chances until the soil soaks up the water first.