SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Even with the dramatic swing in temperatures ahead the next 24 hours, widespread rain will be lacking across KELOLAND.

The Sioux Falls area has picked up some nice showers over the past week, but that’s not true for many parts of KELOLAND.

The 30-day rainfall map has really changed across northeastern South Dakota. They were once the wettest location in KELOLAND, but recent rain trends are certainly changing the math.

Huron is down to just 21% of normal in this 30-day period.

The numbers are better, however, across portions of western South Dakota.

Overall, drought continues to grow. According to the latest drought monitor update, over 40% of South Dakota is now in drought. Another 40% is abnormally dry and on the borderline of going back into drought.

The weather pattern going forward is likely to be cooler with a good chance of rain on Friday, but widespread soaking rains are not in the picture at this time.

Anything over .50″ would be considered heavier and the Gulf of Mexico remains cut off from KELOLAND much of the extended forecast.