December Starting Cold But Will Get Warmer

The first couple of days of December are already in the books. If you're not a fan of the cold and snow, the rest of the month is looking better for you.

The weekend snowstorm brought a bout of snow and ice to much of the southern half of KELOLAND. The snow will play a factor on how warm we get, not necessarily for this week, but for next week as we are expecting warmer weather to return next week.

The average highs in KELOLAND go from the 30s at the beginning of the month to the 20s at the end of the month. Overnight lows average in the single digits. Expect slowly warming temperatures next week with many retuning to the 30s, which will be above average.  

The above average temps will continue into the third week of the month, but Christmas week may see more of a seesaw battle of warm and cold air.

Some are already close to average or above average snow. Namely along the southern tier. Going forward, I think northern KELOLAND will have a harder time getting to average or above average snow this month.

So, just give it time and we'll slowly pull out of this current stretch of cold air. Depending on how much snow you received, you'll notice a lot of it going away next week.  

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