SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Over the next couple of days, the wind chills will approach dangerous levels.

As the cold has settled in, we’ve been informing you about wind chills that have fallen to the minus teens, 20s, and 30s. That is something we’ll have to get used to as we begin the new year.

We knew the cold was coming, now it’s just a matter of how cold. Temperatures this morning ranged from the single digits below zero in western, central and northeast KELOLAND where Aberdeen fell close to 20 below. Adding any amount of wind gave bitter wind chill numbers. It seems like it’s always the wind, right?

When the wind is calm, we generate a layer of heat generated by our bodies, but when the wind picks up. The layer of heat gets pushed away and we feel the chill.

Wind chill safety tips include limiting time outdoors as hypothermia and frostbite can occur in minutes. Also, cover as much exposed skin as possible.

Here’s an example of what’s to come for wind chills in Aberdeen. As we begin the New Year on Saturday morning, wind chills may get as low as the minus 35 range. With wind chills like that, frost bite can occur in as little as ten minutes.

Temperatures will slowly try to warm as we go into Sunday, but be aware of another round of cold later next week.