SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Much colder air will move across KELOLAND and it will be time to bring out the ‘ol wind chill map.

Ah,…the wind chill. Just like the heat index in summer, the wind chill is the feels-like temperature for winter weather. With strong northwest winds bringing in colder air for the weekend. As air temperatures fall to the 30s and 20s, the wind will make it feel much colder.

The layers we put on, combine with our body heat to keep us warm on a calm day.
But when the wind picks up, the wind pushes the heat away and we feel colder.

Expect these cold wind chills to continue through the weekend and into next week. We’ll continue to deal with wind chills in the single digits and teens for Halloween, unfortunately, it will cover those trick-or-treater’s costumes covered.

Of course, these are not the dangerous wind chills we get in the heart of winter, but it will be a shock to the system as our bodies need to get used to the changing of the seasons.