SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The rain in KELOLAND is a welcome sight after this latest hot spell. But the rain hasn’t been enough to stop the expanding drought conditions across growing areas of KELOLAND.

Some welcome showers have been dotting the region with the passage of this latest cold front. But the lack of widespread soaking rain continues to be a story across much of KELOLAND.

The latest drought monitor shows 37 percent of South Dakota in drought, with another 36 percent on the verge of getting into drought because of the lack of significant rain. The worst spots continue to be west of Pierre, which is long-term drought from last year.

The Yankton-Vermillion area remains parched as well with extreme drought conditions there and only scattered downpours this summer. It is worth noting parts of northeast Nebraska have now reached the exceptional drought condition, the worst category of drought on the scale.

The 30-day trend maps clearly shows the lack of widespread rain the past 30 days East River, with the numbers less than half of normal for several locations.

The rainfall numbers from this latest system will help, but without any significant rain chances in the 7-day forecast, KELOLAND will resume this drying trend for now.