SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s looking a little better for moisture in eastern KELOLAND.

While western KELOLAND has been getting rain, it’s been absent in eastern South Dakota. But we’re watching a change in the atmosphere to help bring rain to the east.

That change has to do with the amount of moisture that’s available, more and more moisture will become available over the next couple of days. This shows the increase in atmospheric moisture. 

The very dry air that’s been in place in eastern KELOALND will move east and be replaced with better moisture.  The only thing we need now is a lifting mechanism or instability to increase our rain chances.

Those lifting mechanisms will come with any weak cold or warm fronts as well as low pressure systems.  But as of now, the best instability we have going may end up being supplied by the sun.  

The heating of the day will help bring lift to the atmosphere, which in turn will bring better chances for rain late in the day.

Take whatever rain you can get as this is the time of year when eastern KELOLAND averages around an inch of rain per week.