Be Aware Of Changing Weather Conditions This Weekend In Southeast KELOLAND


Still a lot of factors to play out in our latest storm system taking aim on KELOLAND this weekend.  The biggest factor is what type of precipitation will fall.

No question about Thursday’s type of precip as it was cold in all profiles of the atmosphere to support snow. Anything that fell remained light in southeast KELOLAND with a couple of inches of accumulation mainly south of Interstate 90.

As this weekend’s storm gets closer, temperatures will warm and that will play a factor on who gets what.

FutureScan shows a variety of precipitation Saturday morning in southeast KELOLAND. It will be cold enough to support all snow in central and northeast KELOLAND.  So we’ll have to watch the rain/snow line carefully.

And it’s all about the temperature profile of the atmosphere.  If the whole column is above freezing, it’s all rain.

Rain that goes from above freezing temperatures to below freezing temperatures at the surface will hit the ground as freezing rain.  If the rain freezes before it hits the ground, it’s sleet.

If the column is completely below freezing, it’s all snow.

If you’re in southeast KELOLAND this weekend be aware of changing weather conditions.  You can always use the Storm Tracker App and to get up to date radar information.

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