August weather trends


The first few days of August have been sprinkled with afternoon temps in the 80s to 90s. But lately, we’ve been seeing a slight cooling trend.

It turns out, at least historically speaking, the second week of August is cooler with warmer weather returning a just a few days later.

These graphs show the frequency of highs above 90 degrees during August from the beginning of the record books until now.

In the southeast, you’ll notice the dip in the numbers around the tenth day but they bounce right back up until day 20.

The northeast has a similar trend where there is dip in the numbers around the tenth and the numbers go back up until about day 18 then another dip.

Central SD sees the dip around the tenth with a spike between days 11 and 14 then a drop in the numbers.

The Black Hills area sees the dip around day 9 or 10 with a jump in the numbers in days 11 through 15. Then an up and own trend through day 25.

So what does all that mean? Historically speaking, South Dakota sees a dip in extremely warm days around August 9th through the 11th but then the potential for those extremely warm days comes right back.

We can see that trend in the current forecast with mild temps right now and a warm up later this week.

But just glancing at September, the frequency of these days with highs over 90 continue into the first week but once we see the second week, these days above 90 drop and more fall-like weather takes over.

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